With over 200 years combined experience on our shop floor, our team can manufacture anything that can be drawn.

Key personnel ensure that whether the material needs rolling, bending or developing we have the experience to ensure the work is completed correctly.

All contracts are reviewed prior to manufacture to ensure we can achieve our customers exacting requirements. After the review the material and job sheet are passed to the necessary operative and reviewed with the Quality Supervisor.

All manufacture is dimensionally checked by our inspection personnel prior to welding. After welding we ensure that the dimensional checks are repeated and any straightening and adjustments are carried out.

We always assemble all mating parts within our production facility ensuring the customer can be confident when the product arrives at site.

We can take a raw sheet of material whether Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Aluminium...

...and turn it into any type of quality fabrication to within the tightest required customer tolerance.

We have specialists in plate rolling not only cylindrical shapes but cones too. (Please see the gallery for examples of recently completed work).

We can roll up to 30mm thick sheet, to a diameter of up to 5 meters then form a drum/cylinder up to 30+meters long! Our sub merged arc welding equipment ensures a quality & consistent weld or equally our coded welders can Mig/Tig or Stick weld by hand.

We have the necessary skills to mark and develop complex shapes, or we’re just as proficient assembling from our laser cut profiles. But at BR Engineering we’re not just about 30+ tonne fabrications we are equally at home manufacturing smaller quality items and also complex bending & press braking!

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